Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell

Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell


When heating your Jacuzzi, please do not go over 45 degrees as this will cause the acrylic shell to delaminate.


The Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell is manufactured from high grade sanitary acrylic. Most sheets are 5 mm in thickness and will in some places go down to 1 mm once vacuum formed.

Probably the largest Acrylic Sheet manufacturer in the world is Lucite International. Based in the United Kingdom, they boast with an impressive range of sheets although the colors available in South Africa are limited to white and Kalahari Beige.

Manufactured using a continuous casting process to create extra large sheet sizes, Lucite International Spa sheets are designed specifically for use in spas and whirlpools.

The standard range includes interesting Marble and rich Gemstone colors and is also available with Granite and Luster effects.

All the excellent performance characteristics of LuciteĀ® cast acrylic, such as UV performance, scratch and chemical resistance are built in to LuciteĀ® Spa.

Rim Flow Jacuzzi Ready for Fibre Glass

Rim Flow Jacuzzi Ready for Fiber Glass

Once vacuum formed, the Jacuzzi shell is very fragile and can easily break if handled too roughly. The next step in the manufacturing process will be to reinforce the shell with fiberglass.

The finished product will be +/- 10 mm in thickness when completed. From here the Shell will go to plumbing, where all the Jets, Suctions, Micro Jets and Air Controls are fitted.

After the attachments are fitted, the Jacuzzi Acrylic Shell will be heading for QC or Quality Control. Checking everything during this process is important and will ensure your customers satisfaction. Delivering a good quality product to the customer is what’s important and can dramatically increase your sales.

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