Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps come in two different types. Self draining pumps and Self Priming pumps. Both these pumps are powerful enough to deliver an adequate massage experience. Please continue reading to find out which pumps are used for which installations.

Self Draining Jacuzzi Pumps

Self Draining Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps – Self Draining

Self Draining Jacuzzi Pumps can only be used when the water level in the Jacuzzi is higher than the level of the pump. The reason for this is that a Self Draining pump cannot suck the water to itself, it needs the water to be gravity fed in to the pump.

This pump doesn’t have a leaf trap attached to it and is mostly used when the Jacuzzi is being installed in a wooden surround. Another reason these pumps are used when installed in a wooden surround is that it takes up less space, because it doesn’t have the leaf trap.

Self Priming Jacuzzi Pumps

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Jet Pump

Jacuzzi Jet Pumps – Self Priming

Self Priming Jacuzzi Pumps do just what their name says, priming itself.

Priming means that the pump sucks water to itself. The importance of this feature is that you are not limited to installing the pump lower than the level of the water. In some cases we have installed these pumps more than 3 meters above the level of the water with no problems. However, the higher you go the harder the pump has to work.

Although these pumps are self priming, sometimes there are airlocks in the system that prevent the pump from sucking water to itself. When this happens it is solved by opening the lid of the leaf trap. Opening the lid will allow the air to be released and the water can be sucked to the pump.

In certain instances the pump will need to be primed manually. All this means is that you will take a bucket of water and pour it into the leaf trap. Once the leaf trap is full you close the lid, when the pump is activated it will in most cases clear the air lock, because it has water now.

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