Jacuzzi Air Blower

Jacuzzi Air Blower

Jacuzzi Air Blower-Single Stage and Two Stage.

When installing a new Jacuzzi Air Blower Motor, Please remember that the PVC Weld glue has very flammable fumes.

When gluing the Air Blower into place, please wait for 5 mins before you test the blower.

When it is switched on then the electric spark that occurs when the motor starts, will ignite those fumes.

Being in an confined area, the trapped fumes can break the blower in two. If you are not expecting it you might injure yourself in other ways, while trying to get away when it explodes.

How-The-Blower-Should-Be-Installed-On-a-Jacuzzi-Jacuzzi Air Blower


Jacuzzi Air Blowers are actually vacuum cleaner motors turned in reverse. So instead of sucking they blow.

There used to be different sizes available, but nowadays you only get one, which is 1000 watt.

Jacuzzi Blowers come in two basic types.

Single Stage and Two Stage.

Example of a single stage blower motor.

Single Stage Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Air Blower-Jacuzzi Air Blower

Single Stage Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Air Blower

The Single Stage Blower Motor needs to be switched off every 20 min. If not, then it will overheat and most probably burn out.

Example of a two stage blower motor.

Two Stage Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Air Blower-Jacuzzi Air Blower

Two Stage Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Air Blower

The two Stage unit can run for 9 hrs on end, due to a fan situated on the engine shaft. This fan cools the motor down while in operation, but the air coming out should read at about 45 degrees.

The soothing air massage provided by the constant bubbling of large bubbles rushing to the surface makes the water oxygen rich. Sitting in this oxygen water is very good for cell regenerating and healing.

Other people prefer the healing powers of ozone, which is also a variant of oxygen.

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