Jacuzzi Hard Water Elements

Jacuzzi Hard Water Elements

Jacuzzi Hard Water Elements come in 3 different sizes.

Jacuzzi Heater Casing-Hard Water Elements

Jacuzzi Heater Casing-Hard Water Elements

  • 2000 Kw-Disk Color On Back Orange.
  • 3000 Kw-Disk Color On Back Red.
  • 4000 Kw-Disk Color On Back Blue.

If your heating element doesn’t have a color disc, then its better to test it with a Electric Tester. Be very Careful when deciding on a Heating Element size for your Jacuzzi.

Both the 2 Kw and the 3 Kw elements can be plugged in to a normal house plug, providing that there is at least a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker in the main Distribution Board.

Failing to comply with these requirements might result in the Wire catching on fire or even tripping the whole time.

When installing an electrical point for your Jacuzzi, keep in mind that you have to take the power directly from your houses main DB.

If there is another DB close to where you want to install the Jacuzzi, please make sure that you know what the thickness of the cable that is coming from the main DB and also the size of the CB.

The ideal power requirements for a sub-DB running a Jacuzzi is as follows.

From the Main DB in the house to the sub-DB in the Lapa is a 60 Amp CB with 6 mm Norse Cable.

Then from the Lapa’s DB to the Jacuzzi is 40 Amp CB with 4 mm twin and earth cable.

Connect the Cable directly into the DB, By connecting it with the Main Isolator which should be minimum 32 Amp.

Once the cable is connected you should be careful when switching it on, make sure that the CB for the Heater is off.

When installing a Hard Water Element for your Jacuzzi, make sure that you choose a hard water element and not a Soft Water Element.

Jacuzzi Hard Water Element

Hard Water Elements 4kw

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Spa Hard Water Element

Soft Water Element(Geyser Element)


2000w Geyser Soft Water Element-Hard Water Elements

2000w Geyser Soft Water Element

The Jacuzzi Hard Water Element is reinforced to withstand the bombardment from microscopical pieces of metal and impurities in the water.

If you need help fixing or installing a Heating Element on your Jacuzzi.

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